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The Livestock Lock - Weld On

The Livestock Lock - Weld On

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Introducing the LIVESTOCK LOCK—an innovative solution born out of my own experiences as a farmer. Tired of dealing with frustrating bits of rope, baling twine, or wire to secure farm gates, I set out to create a better alternative.

Say Goodbye to Rope, Baling Twine, and Wire!

It can be easily clamped on almost any farm gate with a bar that is between 20-60mm in diameter and even can be used on Box Section Gates up to 50mm.

It ADDS SECURITY while removing some of the HARDSHIP from the day-to-day tasks of a farmer, farm worker, or landowner.

Simply put, it is a length of chain and a latch that can be Universally Fitted to any Farm Gate!

Quick Release Chain Latch

Installed in Less Than 1 Minute to Instantly Upgrade Your Farm Gate!

Quick Release Saves Time and Reduces Stress by not having to untie an impossible knot or get your trusty knife out to cut it off in frustration!

Especially useful on Double Gates!

Comes with 1 Meter of Chain!

It features a Tamper-Proof nut holding the chain securely in place.


There are 3 different versions depending on your use case:

Clamp On Mount version allows the user to attach a gate mate to any gate with just a spanner!

Bolt-On Mount is supplied with the Wall Mounted version; it is a wall bracket with holes to suit timber and concrete fasteners. 2 x Wood Screws and 2 x Concrete Through Bolts Also Supplied.

Weld-On Mount Version simply consists of a Mild Steel Tab ready to be welded to a Gate or Post!

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